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Toolkit for year-end in-district meetings

The elections are over! And the blue wave washed over our statehouse as well. We have regained the Democratic supermajorities in both the state Senate (28D-12R) and Assembly (60D-20R) and have a new governor. The next two-year legislative session kicks into gear on January 7, 2019 (the first Monday of the year). We want to […]

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November 2018 CA Ballot Propositions Voter Guide

November 2018 CA Ballot Propositions Voter Guide Do you remember being overwhelmed by the six-page ballot with 17 statewide ballot propositions in 2016? We do! As fellow Californians, we know how difficult it can be to find the time to become a well-informed voter, especially when there are multiple different policies on the table to […]

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How to Research a Bill Using LegInfo

How to Research a Bill Using LegInfo Contents Search Text Status History Votes Bill Analysis Search You can look up your favorite bill by its number at Type the bill number into the input area and click Search. If you are searching for a bill from a previous legislative session, change the Session Year […]

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2018 Primary: Ballot Initiatives

2018 Primary: Ballot Initiatives The 2018 California primary is on June 5th and you will be sure to see the following voter initiatives on your ballot. Here’s a quick summary about each proposition so you can be better informed at the polls! YES on Proposition 68 — Bonds for the Environment Proposition 68 (SB 5, […]

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